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Success Stories


 Success Stories!

Girl and Tuffy

Girl and Tuffy were 12 year old friends that who were in need of a furever home. Their dad had terminal medical issues, and he entrusted this sweet duo to Twin Pines Veterinary Clinic to find the perfect home who would love and cherish this sweet pair.  The Paws for Help Program updated all the vaccines for both of the dogs so that they would be ready for adoption.  They found a wonderful home who let these friends stay together.  They will be deeply loved, spoiled, and will give their new family much joy.


Captain came to Twin Pines Veterinary Clinic with a mangled femur in need of medical attention. We were able to amputate the femur and Captain's recovery process is going well. He adjusted well to using 3 legs.  Captain is an affectionate cat. In fact, he became fond of one of the staff members as he followed her everywhere. Captain has found the perfect forever home with another dog, cat and 2 humans that love him very much!

Faith, Churro, and Colby

A FedEx driver witnessed a box being thrown out of a truck. He stopped to see what was in the box and discovered 3 kittens. He brought them to Twin Pines Veterinary Clinic for care. The Paws for Help program helped the kittens by paying for spay/neuters and vaccinations.  All three kittens found wonderful families.  They are sweet, cuddly, and affectionate kittens despite their traumatic beginning.


Update: Honey continues to get treatments on the tissue where the mass was removed. The goal of the treatments is to get rid of the diseased tissue so that only healthy tissue remains. Though it has been a long process, Honey has remained in good spirits. If you would like to donate to Honey's treatment, please click on the donate button at the button of the page.


A blind black puppy was left abandoned outside the door of Twin Pines Veterinary Clinic one Sunday. He was found aimlessly wandering the area and was hit by a car. Luckily, he sustained only minor injuries. Thanks to the Paws for Help program, Geordi was treated for road rash, Lyme Disease, was neutered, and had vaccines.  He was cared for and boarded for 2 months as staff searched high and low to help Geordi find the perfect home that would accommodate both his blindness and his desire for lots of playtime.  Geordi found the perfect family who laughs at his puppyish ways and loves him just the way he is! 


The Paws for Help program helped Bernie by paying for her heartworm treatment and spay.  Bernie is doing well and is loving life! She came into Twin Pines Veterinary Clinic on Monday and was heartworm negative!! Thank you for supporting the Paws for Help program and helping animals like Bernie. We are thrilled she is doing so well!


Asher was found hiding under a vehicle on election night.  Paws for Help vaccinated Asher, payed for the neuter, and ran some blood tests.  Unfortunately, he tested positive for Feline Leukemia. He was placed in a foster home so time could tell if his body would fight off the virus.  Asher was tested a month later and test showed he was fighting off the virus! After a few more months in his foster home, Asher found an amazing home with a family.  The 2 boys enjoy Asher's playfulness and activity.  Asher is is thankful that Paws for Help was there for him so he could recover and find his "happily ever after."  Click here to watch Asher play in his numerous videos on YouTube.


On July 4th, a police officer found Mishka fending for himself at Banning State Park and brought him to Twin Pines Veterinary Clinic. He was severely underweight and had almost no hair on his body. Mishka spent a month in the clinic's care, responding positively to mange treatments.  For the first time in awhile, he had good nutrition and lots of love. With such a successful recovery, Mishka was ready for a forever family. Mishka is thriving in his forever home thanks to the support he got from Dr. Cox and the Paws for Help Program.


Sterling was left at the front door at Twin Pines Veterinary Clinic in a crate covered with a wet towel.  No one knew anything about him.  The kitty wasn't eating, drinking, nor walking.  After x-rays, it was discovered that his hip sustained a traumatic injury. Paws for Help gave Sterling many laser treatments and worked hard to keep him comfortable. After laser treatments, fluids, and lots of love, Sterling started to eat. Little by little, he came out of his crate to socialize with the dogs and cuddle. Thanks to Paws for Help, Sterling is doing great with his new family.  After his hip healed, he became the active and playful kitty he was meant to be. Click here for a video narrative of Sterling's story.


A concerned person found this kitty stuck in the ice on her way to drop her children off at school.  Our guess is he was thirsty and looking for water.  The cat was significantly underweight.  He did much better with good meals, warmth, and care.  Grayson is approximately one year old and has found his forever home with a loving family. He loves sleeping in the big bed with his person.


Annie wandered onto the property of a kind woman with a peanut butter jar stuck on her head. She brought Annie to the clinic to help remove the jar. Since the woman was not in a position to care for this young cat, Dr. Cox agreed to care for her temporarily until a loving, permanent home could be found. The Paws for Help program helped to make sure Annie was spayed, tested for feline leukemia (negative), and current on her vaccines. Annie was scared and unsure at the beginning, but with time and love, she has come around. Annie is very loved in her family of humans, dogs, and cats.  She likes to be petted, talked to, and loves to be surrounded by her family.

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*If you have a pet who has been helped with this program, please email us!  We know many of the success stories, but are currently collecting the stories and pictures so we can share how much this program makes a difference.