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Pets Needing Homes

Pets Needing Homes


Kittens Looking for Homes

Recently a litter of kittens were born and they are all looking for a family to love them!  If you are interested in adding a kitten to your family, please call us at the clinic at 320-838-3176 or email us at



Husky Found

Recently a husky was found roaming in the area of Grindstone Lake Road in Sandstone.  If this is your dog or you know who the family is, please call us at the clinic at 320-838-3176 or email us at

Cocker Spaniel Smokey is Looking for a Home 

From his family...

In October 2014 we adopted a black purebreed Cocker Spaniel through Cocker Spaniel resources of Hudson, WI. At the time of placement his name was Bo but we changed his name to Smokey which he has responded to very well. We are both retired and on October 15th we will move to an apartment in Minneapolis for most of the winter. We have decided that it would be better if Smokey were placed in a home with other people who like smaller older dogs. Here is a little information about Smokey:

  • Smokey is 10 years old and in very good health.
  • He eats a vegetarian formula dog food (New Balance Brand) which we have had him on as he can sometimes have a nervous stomach.
  • He demonstrates good behavior and likes people once he has had a little time to sniff them and get to know them. He will bark when someone comes to the door but quiets down soon after they come in. We have never had a case where he has aggressively gone after or bit someone. He is a curious friendly dog.
  • We think it would be best if Smokey were in a placement with one to four people. At night he willingly goes into his kennel and spends the entire night. Simply say “night, night” and will go into his kennel. 
  • He is house broken and we have had him as an inside dog.
  • He gets along with other dogs and has not had any exposure to cats.
  • With children once he gets acquainted he is fine with them.
  • All equipment (i.e. kennel, etc) will come with him.

 Please call us at the clinic at 320-838-3176 or email us at and we will put you in touch with his current family.

Working with pets and their people daily, we are often made aware of animals who are in need of homes. Twin Pines Veterinary Clinic would like to dedicate this page to helping connect people with pets in the community who need a loving home. Please check this page often if you are looking for a new family member or if you are open to having another furry friend in the family. If any of these pets spark an interest, please call the clinic or click on the email links so we can connect you with the pet. 

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