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Meet Our State Dog: The Labrador Retriever

Did you know that we  have a Very Good Boy as our state dog? That’s right! Our number one canine is also America’s favorite dog: the Labrador Retriever, or simply lab. In this article, a Sandstone, MN veterinarian puts these…

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Taking Your Kitty To The Vet

August 22nd is Take Your Cat To The Vet Day. While it’s probably safe to say that our feline patients would prefer to celebrate Cat World Domination Day or Hug Your Cat Day, coming to see us is in their…

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5 Great Reasons To Adopt A Shelter Dog

August is Clear The Shelters Month. We’re all-in on that cause! We love seeing pups getting second chances, and becoming beloved family members. If you’re considering adopting a new pooch, this is a pawesome time to go to a shelter….

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Camping With Fido

Are you planning to go camping this summer? Your canine pal would most likely be thrilled to accompany you. Fido loves campfires and starry skies as much as we do! You’ll just need to take a few precautions to keep…

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Keeping Your Pet Hydrated

Summer can be a great time for our furry friends. Fido gets to run and play outdoors, and Fluffy gets extra sunbeams to lounge around in. However, that warm weather does come with a downside. Pets often have a really…

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