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Twin Pines Veterinary Clinic strives to offer excellence in veterinary care to Askov, Hinckley and surrounding areas.

Meet Our Team

Twin Pines Veterinary Clinic is proud to serve Hinckley/Askov and surrounding communities for everything pet health related.  Our team is committed to help ensure the well being of your four legged family members; we aspire to be an educational resource for nutrition, exercise, and behavior.  Above all, we strive to provide kind, calm treatment of all our patients in every check-up, procedure, or surgery.

Dr. Deborah L. Cox

Dr. Cox is a graduate of the Minnesota School of Veterinary Medicine.  Prior to that she received a bachelor's degree in English. She then spent two years in graduate school focusing on a degree in Folklore, at which time she realized her calling has always been caring for animals. She spent 5 years in Wisconsin and 5 years in southern Minnesota practicing in mixed large and small animal clinics before taking over Twin Pines Veterinary Clinic in 1997. Her interests are wide ranging.  She has always enjoyed physical activities but is also content to sit and read a book cover to cover.  Her animal household consists of 4 dogs and 8 cats (the cats have all been clinic rescues).  Ranier, a 7 year old brindle boxer who loves everyone, and his 6 year old female lab cohort, Bree, specializes in eating and the happy dance.Throughout the past 10 plus years a herd of horses have become her latest hobby and educational endeavor.  Sharing in her clients animal families has been the most rewarding part throughout her years of practice.

Susan Dunham

Susan was the Practice Manager at Twin Pines Veterinary Clinic from 1997 until her passing on January 18, 2019. Susan enjoyed reading, writing, editing, walking her dogs, and cuddling her cats. She also enjoyed training her horses and herself in the art of natural horsemanship. Susan was interested in studying animal behavior. She had a special interest in the natural world and its preservation. Susan made a big impact on the clinic with her philosophy for kind, compassionate care. She was passionate about the Paws for Help program and helping hurt or abandoned animals. She was often found advocating and caring for animals without a home.  She made sure that every animal knew they were valued and loved. Susan had placed countless animals in need into loving homes. Susan's vision for kindness, compassion, advocacy, and quality care will continue to be the driving vision and philosophy at Twin Pines Veterinary Clinic.

Luanne Roby

Luanne has been a certified veterinary technician since 1994 and has been with Twin Pines Veterinary Clinic since 1998.  She  has multiple pets including a spoiled Bedlington Terrier named Ty, multiple cats (most acquired over the years from work!), and a Meyer's parrot named Myra.  Myra may actually think she is a cat, after being raised with so many.  She calls and teases the cats any chance she gets!  Luanne enjoys taking care of her pets, being outdoors, playing music, watching movies and spending time with friends.  She has always enjoyed working with animals and is proud to be a part of the healthcare team at Twin Pines.  

Betsy Preston

Betsy has been the Customer Care Specialist at Twin Pines Veterinary Clinic since April of 2017. She is excited to be close to completing her bachelor's degree in accounting. Betsy's animal family includes a fun loving boxer named Artemis who enjoys being the center of attention and Orion who is a ball loving, cuddly schnauzer. When at home, Betsy enjoys spending time with family and being a Granny to baby Finley. She also enjoys camping, fishing, reading, and hanging out with the dog.

Brandie Fornengo

Brandie has been working at Twin Pines Veterinary Clinic as a Veterinary Technician since January 2, 2018. Her family, including her husband and 2 teenage boys, enjoy spending time with their puppy Rusty who is part German Shepard and part Great Pyrenees. During her free time, Brandie enjoys reading and gaming. Her family loves to spend time off-roading. Several times a year, her family travels different places to go trail riding. They are even in the process of making a Jeeping club in Wisconsin.


Laura has been the Customer Care Specialist and Veterinary Assistant with Twin Pines Veterinary Clinic since September of 2017. She moved to the area from Albert Lea in May. Laura's animal family includes a dog named Jack who is an American Eskimo and a cat named Poopoo. In addition, she recently rescued a kitten named Peanut who needed a home. In her free time, Laura enjoys fishing, hunting, traveling, and reading.