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Yellow Ribbon Dog Campaign

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Yellow Ribbon Dog Campaign

MN Animal Health Foundation Launches New Campaign

From snoot to fluffy tail, we all know how incredible dogs are. Many pet owners (and fans) are tempted to pet every pup that crosses their path – but it’s important to remember that not all dogs want attention. MNAHF has partnered with Sidewalk Dog Media to spread awareness about Yellow Ribbon Dogs, those dogs who need their space when out and about. Dogs might need their space for multiple reasons, whether they’re recovering from surgery, are blind or deaf, or are simply shy.

What Does This Mean for You?
We are encouraging pet owners/fans to be aware of what the yellow ribbon, leash, or bandana might mean – that the dog owner (and dog) are politely asking for space. The more awareness we raise, the more pet owners and fans will realize that they simply can’t run up to a strange dog to give pets.

For pet owners of yellow ribbon dogs, we are encouraging them to talk to their local veterinarian about behavior and anxiety techniques that might help their dog feel a little less stressful while outdoors. We hope by raising awareness that we will increase the conversations your clients want to have about behavior.

What Else Are We Doing?
To drive home the message, we are selling Yellow Ribbon Dog Leash Wraps through Sidewalk Dog’s website which began Monday, July 12. We’ve also partnered with great companies like Royal Canin, Purina, and PetSafe to offer fun giveaways, including fitness gear, dog-themed gift baskets, and book bags throughout the month.

How Can You Help?
Spread the message about the Yellow Ribbon Dog campaign! Please share www.YellowRibbonDog.com on your social media channels to increase awareness. You can also share our great fitness giveaway here or links to the leash wrap here.