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5 Great Reasons To Adopt A Shelter Dog

August 1, 2023

August is Clear The Shelters Month. We’re all-in on that cause! We love seeing pups getting second chances, and becoming beloved family members. If you’re considering adopting a new pooch, this is a pawesome time to go to a shelter. Here, a Sandstone, MN veterinarian lists some reasons to get Fido from the pound.

Find The Pawesome Pet

It’s always interesting seeing what kind of dogs people choose as their canine buddies. Some go for small, cuddly companion dogs, while others want athletic pups or playful family pets. No matter what you’re looking for, you’ll find a match for you in a shelter. There are thousands—if not millions—of cute pooches in shelters, just hoping for someone to take them home, love them, care for them, and give them walks and belly rubs. You’ll also be able to spend some quality time with Fido before finalizing the adoption. That’s very important! Adoption is forever, so you want to be sure you’ve found the right match.

Save A Life

More and more shelters are going no-kill, but this isn’t a universal practice. Many places are just overwhelmed by the numbers of pets coming through their doors, and simply don’t have the resources to house them all indefinitely. Progress has been made in recent years, in that there are fewer shelter admissions and euthanasias than there were even a decade ago. However, there are still many pups out there who have a limited time to find themselves a forever home.

Save Money

Another reason to go through a shelter? It’s quite a bit cheaper than adopting Fido from a pet store or breeder. You may also save on veterinary care costs, as most shelter dogs have already been fixed. Plus, the money you spend on adoption fees will help the shelter care for other homeless pets. It’s good to know that you’re helping animals in need, even if indirectly!

Make A Friend

Dogs’ loyalty and devotion is truly extraordinary. Fido is both intelligent and intuitive, and he knows when someone is being kind to him. You may very well find that your heart melts the first time your new canine companion looks up at you with love and trust, or wags his tail to greet you.

Do you have questions about adopting or caring for your shelter dog? Contact us, your Sandstone, MN pet hospital!