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Fido’s First Grooming Appointment

June 1, 2023

Are you considering taking Fido to a salon for his next bath? There’s a lot to be said for bringing your pet to the groomer. You get to drop off a dirty dog and pick up a clean, fresh-smelling pooch soon after. No mess, no fuss! Read on as a local Sandstone, MN vet offers some helpful tips for that first appointment.

Choose The Right Groomer

Picking the right groomer will go a long way here. It’s important to find someone you trust completely. If Fido is handled improperly, he likely won’t have a good impression of going to a salon. He could even be injured! Ask about things like certification, experience, and procedures. You’ll also want to find out where your canine pal will be kept, and if he will be walked at all. Your vet may be able to recommend a good place. (Note: if your vet offers grooming, you’ve got a great one-stop shop. They’ll already be familiar with your dog, and have his records.)

Be Clear

There’s a lot of room for error and misinterpretation when it comes to describing doggy haircuts. If you do want your four-legged pal clipped, it’s a good idea to have a few pictures saved of the cut you want for him.

Keep It Basic

As your pup gets used to his groomer, you may want to incorporate add-ons, such as paw shaving. If your canine companion is matted or needs medical attention, he may need some extra attention. Otherwise, for that first appointment, just keep things simple with a plain bath and blow-dry.

Book Extra Time

That first appointment is a meet n’ greet: your furry friend’s groomer will get to know him, and may discuss various options with you. This may take longer than subsequent appointments will.

Calm The Pooch

Before bringing your canine buddy to his new salon, tire him out a bit. A good walk and a fun play session will help him burn off those zoomies, leaving him quiet and calmer after.

Preventative Care

Any decent groomer will require proof that your furry bff is current on his parasite control and core vaccines. They will likely also request that Fido get some non-core vaccines, such as bordetella. Make sure you’re clear on what’s required before the appointment.

Do you need to schedule dog grooming? Contact us, your Sandstone, MN pet hospital, today!