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Benefits Of Adopting A Senior Dog

November 15, 2023

Are you considering bringing a new canine companion into your home? Don’t overlook that sweet senior dog that’s been up for adoption for weeks. Older dogs often have a very hard time getting adopted, as it’s just too difficult for them to compete with puppies. However, that really isn’t fair. In fact, Fido has some wonderful qualities that make him a great pet! A Sandstone, MN vet lists some of the benefits of adopting an older dog below.

No Surprises

When you get a puppy, there’s sometimes a bit of guesswork in sorting out how big your canine pal is going to get. Of course, if you get a Pomeranian, you probably won’t have to worry about Fido someday needing a huge yard. However, with mixed breeds, it’s not always easy to tell how big they’ll get. This is particularly problematic for renters, as it’s so hard to find places that take large dogs. With a senior, what you see is what you get!

Prior Training

Puppies are always super cute and lots of fun. However, Little Fido needs a lot of training and oversight to learn how to be a Good Boy. Most older dogs that have been put up for adoption, have been pets before. Most likely, Fido will already be housetrained, and will know basic obedience commands.

Calm Demeanor

Young dogs are very active, and they need lots of exercise and entertainment. By the time Fido reaches his senior years, he’ll probably be more interested in snoozing in his doggy bed than in chasing after squirrels or digging up the yard. While older dogs do need some entertainment and proper activity, their needs here are less than those of younger pooches. Many people really love their calm, laid-back demeanors.

Short Commitment

Adoption is a lifelong commitment. Fido won’t have as much time left as a puppy would, so your commitment won’t be as long term as it would for a puppy. That can be bittersweet, but there can be a silver lining there for some.

They’re Adorable

Older dogs are very sweet and charming, and have a very special way of melting hearts. Fido is often very affectionate, and just wants someone to love him and care for him. You may find adopting an older dog to be a very rewarding and beautiful experience.

Our Advice on Benefits Of Adopting A Senior Dog in 2024

What are the training advantages of adopting a senior dog?

Adopting a senior dog often means welcoming a pet with prior training into your home. Most senior dogs have been pets before and typically come housetrained, knowing basic obedience commands such as sit, stay, and come. This foundational training not only eases the transition into a new home but also reduces the time and effort required for behavioral adjustments. Senior dogs’ experience and existing training can offer a smoother, more manageable introduction to pet ownership, making them ideal companions for those seeking a less demanding training experience.

What makes senior dogs particularly endearing?

Senior dogs possess a unique charm that makes them particularly endearing. Their sweet, calm demeanor and appreciation for the simple things—like a cozy nap or gentle affection—highlight their content nature. With years of life experience, they often exhibit a profound sense of loyalty and gratitude towards their caregivers, forming deep, meaningful bonds. Their faces, graced with a touch of gray, and their gentle eyes reflect a lifetime of love and wisdom, making every moment with them not just a responsibility but a rewarding, heartwarming experience.

Are there specific health concerns you should be aware of in senior dogs?

Senior dogs may face a variety of health concerns as they age, including arthritis, dental issues, kidney disease, heart disease, and vision and hearing loss. It’s crucial to maintain regular veterinary checkups to monitor and manage these conditions effectively. Early detection and treatment can significantly improve the quality of life for your senior dog. Our clinic in Askov, MN, specializes in geriatric pet care, offering comprehensive wellness plans tailored for older dogs. We encourage scheduling a visit to discuss personalized care strategies, ensuring your senior dog enjoys a comfortable, healthy life.

Are senior dogs typically still adaptable to new homes and routines?

Yes, senior dogs can be remarkably adaptable to new homes and routines. Despite their age, many possess a resilient spirit that allows them to adjust to new environments with patience and grace. While they may require a bit more time to settle in and learn new routines compared to younger dogs, their previous life experiences often make them well-equipped to handle changes with ease. Providing a stable, loving environment with consistent routines can greatly facilitate their adaptation process, making them loyal and affectionate companions in their new homes.

Where is the best place to find senior dogs for adoption?

The best place to find senior dogs for adoption is at local animal shelters and rescue organizations. These facilities often have a variety of older dogs seeking forever homes, each with unique personalities and needs. Additionally, there are specific rescue groups dedicated to rehoming senior pets, which can be found through online searches or veterinary referrals. Visiting these organizations not only gives you the opportunity to meet potential companions but also supports the important work they do in caring for and rehoming pets in need.

Please contact us with questions about your senior pet’s health or care. As your Sandstone, MN pet hospital, we’re dedicated to offering the best veterinary care around!