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Holiday Gifts For Cats

December 1, 2023

Have you started your holiday shopping yet? Whether you’re an early bird who takes advantage of all those great Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales, or a last-minute shopper running out on Christmas Eve, you’ve likely got some boxes to check off on your shopping list this month. Don’t forget about Fluffy! Your kitty is an important part of the family, and definitely deserves a special something. A Sandstone, MN veterinarian offers some advice on choosing gifts for your cat in this article.

Subscription Boxes

Just like people, cats tend to get bored with the same-old, same-old. Providing your feline overlord with fresh toys regularly can help keep things fun and fresh for her. That’s one reason subscription boxes are so popular with our furry friends.


No surprises here: catnip is without a doubt one of the most popular kitty gifts. You can buy Fluffy a catnip mouse or toy, but you can also offer her catnip in bubble form. If you want to go the DIY route, you can even sew a toy yourself, using fresh or dried catnip. Your furry pal may even enjoy a catnip plant!


Catnip mice may always be Fluffy’s favorite toy, but they’re far from the only option. Kitties also enjoy things like wand toys, laser pointers. There are also some really cute modern toys, such as remote-controlled fish or smart ‘mice.’


Napping may very well be Fluffy’s favorite pastime. Kitties can sleep up to 20 hours a day! (Your furry buddy will no doubt spend a chunk of the next few months snoozing underneath the tree with the other presents, but that’s beside the point.) Buy or make your drowsy pet some comfy beds.


Our feline pals have no qualms with borrowing our beds, sofas, couches, chairs, and laps. However, they do benefit from having some things of their own. Cat towers, pet towers, kitty exercise wheels … any or all of these are likely to get that motor going.


Cats may be more finicky than dogs, but they like treats, too! You can get Fluffy something store-bought, but you can also offer some plain canned tuna, salmon, or shrimp in water.


After everyone has finished opening their presents, let Fluffy have the boxes to conquer. This can also make for some pretty adorable holiday pictures of your kitty.

Our Advice on Holiday Gifts For Cats in 2024

What’s a great gift for a cat who gets bored easily?

For cats prone to boredom, a subscription box is an excellent gift choice. These boxes provide a variety of toys, treats, and possibly even catnip, keeping the content fresh and engaging for your feline friend each month. The novelty of new items regularly can stimulate their curiosity and playfulness, ensuring they remain active and entertained. This approach not only enriches their environment but also nurtures their natural instincts to explore and play, making it a thoughtful and beneficial gift for any cat.

Your cat sleeps all day, how can you make her naps even better?

To enhance your cat’s napping experience, consider investing in or creating a variety of comfortable beds. Cats enjoy warmth and security, so beds placed in quiet, cozy corners or sunny spots can make their rest even more satisfying. Additionally, providing options like elevated perches or enclosed cat condos can cater to your cat’s preference for safety and warmth. Ensuring these resting spots are in a peaceful environment away from busy household areas can further optimize your cat’s sleep quality, making her naps truly blissful.

Should you factor your cat’s age into your gift choices?

Yes, considering your cat’s age in gift selection is crucial for their well-being and enjoyment. Kittens often benefit from toys that encourage exploration and develop motor skills, like small, lightweight toys they can chase. Adult cats might enjoy interactive toys like laser pointers or puzzle feeders that stimulate their mind and body. For senior cats, prioritize comfort and ease of use — think soft beds, low-impact toys, and easily accessible furniture. Matching the gift to your cat’s life stage ensures they can safely enjoy and benefit from your thoughtful choice.

Are there any holiday-themed cat toys or gifts you should avoid due to safety concerns?

During the holidays, it’s wise to avoid gifts for your cat that could pose safety risks. Specifically, steer clear of decorations like tinsel or ribbon, which, if ingested, can cause intestinal blockages. Also, be cautious with toys that have small, detachable parts or strings that can easily be swallowed. Holiday plants, such as poinsettias, mistletoe, and holly, are toxic to cats and should be kept out of reach. Choosing toys and gifts that are specifically designed for cats and checking for any potential hazards can ensure a safe holiday season for your feline friend.

What are some easy, DIY cat gift ideas besides sewing a catnip toy?

Beyond sewing a catnip toy, there are several easy, DIY gift ideas for cats. One simple option is creating a puzzle feeder using a clean, empty plastic bottle; cut small holes in it, fill with treats, and watch your cat enjoy the challenge. Another idea is crafting a cozy cat bed from an old sweater, providing a warm, comfortable spot for naps. Lastly, you can assemble a homemade scratching post using a wooden post, a sturdy base, and wrapping it with sisal rope, offering a perfect outlet for their scratching instincts.

Happy Holidays from everyone here at Twin Pines Veterinary Clinic, your Sandstone, MN pet hospital. Call us anytime!