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Senior Cat Care

March 15, 2023

Is your kitty in her senior years? Fluffy usually ages gracefully, so you probably won’t notice huge changes happening quickly. What you’re more likely to notice is your cute pet slowly getting sleepier and sleepier, and maybe needing some extra help here and there. A Sandstone, MN veterinarian offers some senior cat care tips in this article. 


Fluffy’s nutritional needs will change over time. Pay close attention to serving sizes! Even overfeeding your kitty by a little bit can cause her to pack on extra pounds. Take note of any changes in your cat’s appetite or eating habits. Cats with thyroid issues, for example, are often hungry all the time. You may also want to set out some extra water dishes.


Kitties are very good about keeping their coats clean, but they often need a helping hand with their beauty needs as they get older. Brush your feline buddy regularly to remove dead fur and dander from her coat. 


Fluffy may have trouble getting in and out of a litterbox with low walls. Consider getting her one made just for seniors, which will be easier for her to manage. If your place has more than one floor, get some extras, so there’s one on every level. That way, your cat won’t have to use the stairs as much.


Fluffy won’t be as silly or playful as she was during her kittenhood, but she’ll still have her frisky moments. Try to play with your feline friend every day. Even a few minutes of jumping and pouncing can be beneficial. (This is also really cute to watch.) 

Veterinary Care 

As Fluffy ages, she may develop certain health conditions. Diabetes, hyperthyroidism and kidney disease are three of the most common ones we see in older cats, but they aren’t the only ones. Make sure your furry pal sees her doctor regularly. You’ll also need to bring your kitty in right away if you notice any potential signs of health issues. Don’t be shy about asking for specific care tips while you’re here!


Making small changes can go a long way towards keeping Fluffy safe and comfy. Things like night lights, pet ramps, and cozy beds can all be beneficial. We also strongly recommend keeping your feline pal  indoors.

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