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Spring Cleaning Hacks For Pet Owners

April 1, 2023

Spring has sprung! Many people are happily stashing away their winter gear and starting to pull warm-weather things out of storage. Fido and Fluffy also have a few seasonal activities on their agenda … such as leaving fur everywhere and tracking mud all over the house. A local Sandstone, MN veterinarian offers a few helpful cleaning hacks below.

Fur Busting

Fido and Fluffy have very pretty fur, and they’re very generous about sharing it with us. Brush your four-legged friend daily. (Tip: take Fido outside for his beauty sessions.) Keep extra lint rollers handy, and use a damp sponge, rubber gloves, or a squeegee to remove fur from your furniture. Furniture covers can also be helpful, particularly if you have cloth upholstery. We also advise vacuuming regularly, at least over the next few weeks.

Deep Clean

This is a good time to go through your fuzzy pal’s toys, treats, food, medicine, and, if applicable, jackets or sweaters. Toss anything that is expired or just at the end of its days. You’ll also want to wash your pet’s bedding or bed covers. For most cloth items, you can use unscented, hypo-allergenic detergent and hot water, and tumble dry low. However, it’s best to check label instructions first, just to be sure. Many rubber and plastic toys can be cleaned in the dishwasher. You don’t need soap. Just use the hot cycle: the steam and hot water will do the trick. 

Start High

Dusting probably isn’t anyone’s favorite task, but it can make a huge difference. For those hard-to-reach spots, like ceiling fans and corners, curtain rods, and high shelves, use a feather or wand duster. Start at the top and work down. You’ll also want to change your air filters. 

Pawsitive Thoughts

Our furry pals’ paws are really cute. The tracks they leave? Not so much. Put a thick, absorbent mat outside the door that you take Fido in and out through. Another trick? Keep water and rags near the door, and teach your pooch that he’ll get a snack for letting you wipe his paws off. A steam mop or pet-safe spray mop is also handy for easily removing muddy pawprints. 

Don’t forget to bring your animal companion in for wellness care. Vaccines and parasite control are crucial at this time of year! Contact us, your Sandstone, MN animal hospital, to make an appointment.